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Go Vertic solar power facade

What is Go Vertic? 

Go Vertic is an energy-generating wall that is 2-in-1 facade cladding and solar panel. One solution combines world-class aluminium composite panel and electricity-generating solar cell. With 360W all black panels, Go Vertic has power of 190W per square meter. 

This way the building doesn’t just consume energy but produces it itself. You can use this electricity in your business or household and sell the surplus to the grid. Aesthetically and ecologically it’s a superior solution to separate solar panels. The same functionality is hidden into the facade cladding - one installation with double the benefits.

Solar facade
  • Patented solution 

  • High energy output 190w/m²

  • Long-lasting solution 

  • Weatherproof 

  • Installed on an existing or new insulation

  • Up to 280 mm insulation capacity 

  • By design breathing panels which keep facade cool

  • Bs-1 d0 fire resistance, A2 capability 

  • >90% efficiency over 30 years

  • PV panel combinable with all facade materials

Go Vertic facade can be fitted to a new building or used for wall reconditioning. Go Vertic building-integrated rainscreen facade produces energy for years to come.

Technology: Features
Image by Mike Newbry


Whether it’s scorching hot or bitterly cold, Go Vertic will handle it

High output power

With 190w/m² output, your wall becomes an investment

Image by Thomas Kelley
Image by J Taubitz

30-year warranty

We can guarantee that Go Vertic quality will serve you for decades

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